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Rodrigues Goncalves (b.2000) is a Portuguese contemporary conceptual artist whose work has a reputation for being satirical and provocative. 

His practice embraces the significance of often-overlooked banalities in today's social contexts and juxtaposes their simplicity with the monumentality of history. The everyday banalities approached with a degree of neutrality are a combination of traditional and innovative casting, taxidermy, and mixed media techniques. Rodrigues playfully challenges and provokes several aspects within a historical and cultural context.

Rodrigues studied primarily visual arts on Madeira Island, Portugal. He spent multiple years working at the internationally renowned Fine Art Foundry Powderhall Bronze in Edinburgh, UK. Rodrigues is currently taking a MA in Contemporary Art Practice at the Royal College of Art, London, UK. He was previously awarded a mentorship programme by the well-known British architect Mike Davies [CBE designer of Pompidou Centre, Paris, France and Lloyd’s Building, London, UK].

Additionally, Rodrigues was recently awarded People´s Choice the UK New Artist of the Year 2022 Award [Saatchi Gallery, London, UK].

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